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Alternative Child's Bed Rail

Magic Bumpers are firm foam wedges designed to go under the bedding as a safer and easier alternative to traditional children's bed rails.

What size bumper should I order for my bed?
The bumpers should be ordered to fit the child, not the bed. As a general rule, a smaller bed such as a twin size should use a shorter bumper. Also, putting bumpers on both sides of a twin bed can reduce the sleeping area. It is a personal preference of the child as to whether this feels cozy or cramped. All other bed sizes: Full, Double, Queen and King, try to create a Magic Bumper area around the child instead of trying to bumper the whole bed. The more bumpers you use, the more slack your bedding will need to accommodate the extra bulk.

Are Magic Bumpers available in retail stores?
At this time, the Magic Bumpers are not available in retail stores. We do our best to ship orders right away. We offer USPS Priority Mail shipping which is reliable and many orders arrive in 2 days if placed before noon Eastern Time. We ship 6 days a week and on all holidays except New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How do I know if the bumper will fit under my bedding?
The depth of your mattress and the size of the pocket on your mattress pad and fitted sheet will affect how the bumpers fit. Ideally, there should be a little extra slack to accommodate the size of the bumpers which are 5 inches high. If you have very tight bedding, it is best to go with a shorter length bumper. One trick is to turn the bumper angle side down and move the bumper away from the edges and corners of the mattress. The sheet may ride up the side of the mattress a bit, but the bumper should stay in place.

Can I purchase a cover for the foam?
One of the best features of this product is that it stays in place due to the surface "grab" of the foam. Placing a cover over the foam may cause movement or slipping to occur. Since you are already "covering" the foam with your mattress pad and fitted sheet, there is really no need to cover it again.

My child is a wild sleeper, will this keep him in bed?
The Magic Bumpers contain most children, but not all children from falling out of bed. They are very effective at keeping a child from rolling out of bed. However, if the child's sleeping patterns are such that arms and legs are flying around, this product may not be the best option. The bumper is 5 inches high so that it can fit underneath the bedding, so it has limitations. For most children, it is the safest option on the market due to the absence of any entrapment hazards.

Do you offer any discount or coupon codes?
We offer a negative shipping fee if you do not need the 2 day Priority Mail service. Details are on the "News" tab. Also, we occasionally have clearance bumpers at discounted prices. They are in our product catalog on the Shop Now page. These sell fast and are frequently out of stock.

Can you provide a prepaid return shipping label?
Yes, but only if you return the bumpers in the original packaging, poly mailer bag or other plastic bag. We do not provide prepaid labels for returns sent in cardboard boxes. If you carefully open your package, you will be able to reuse the poly mailer. Consider purchasing a Poly Storage Bag ($1.50) with your order. This is the same bag that we use for shipping. If you keep your order, you will have a nice storage bag for your bumpers. If you decide to return your order, you can use the poly storage bag and you will receive a full refund for the product as well as the used poly storage bag. Original shipping fees are not refundable.

Why does the labeling on your product say that it is an entrapment hazard?
The traditional bed rails on the market have led to the deaths of some children due to entrapment when the bed rail has separated from the bed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued labeling requirements for ALL portable bed rails, regardless of their design. Magic Bumpers, when used as directed, do not cause an entrapment danger to children, but we are still required to comply with the CPSC labeling and ASTM testing.

Does your product contain fire retardant?
In compliance with the new specifications of the CAL 117-2013 bulletin, this product contains does NOT contain fire-retardant. Magic Bumpers are made from foam that has been certified by CertiPUR-US® It is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, CFCs. It is performance-tested, durability-tested & emissions-tested by independent accredited testing labs. 

Can I use the Magic Bumpers for Co-Sleeping or on a Toddler Bed?
In the past, we included instructions for using the bumpers for Co-Sleeping and on Toddler Beds. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued labeling requirements which specifically state that Portable Bed Rails cannot be used for children under 2 or on toddler beds. Although we have many customers that use the bumpers for those purposes, we cannot provide instructions or recommendations for those uses.

How can I cut the Magic Bumpers to a different size?
An electric knife will cleanly slice through polyurethane foam. Save the cut-off piece in case you ever need the full size again. The cut pieces can be placed side by side and work as sell as they did before they were cut.

Is there a longer length available?
You may add on to the length of the bumper by placing extra pieces in line with each other underneath the mattress pad and fitted sheet.

What is the best way to travel with the bumpers?
The 20 and 30 inch bumpers work best for traveling and will fit into a duffel bag or suitcase. They can be vacuum packed, but should not be stored this way for longer than 1 month.

How do you clean the foam?
The foam can be cleaned with an adhesive lint roller or damp soapy cloth. When not in use, store the bumpers away from direct sunlight. Do not let children play with the bumpers as the foam can be damaged.